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Group News

Lab's first CCN submissions

  • 07 June 2019

The Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience (CCN) will be held in Berlin in September this year and provide an interdisciplinary forum for understanding the computations that underlie complex behavior. We have submitted two abstracts that introduce our work on meta-cognitive reinforcement learning and computational models of goal pursuit. We look forward to present our work at this exciting occasion!

Falk Lieder Yash Raj Jain Florian Mohnert Sanit Gupta Vasundhara Rakesh

Article in Scientific Reports published

  • 05 June 2019

Our postdoc Maria Wirzberger recently published an article in the renowned Nature journal Scientific Reports. Congratulations, Maria!

Maria Wirzberger

Lab's first Psychonomics submission

  • 01 June 2019

Founded in 1959, the Psychonomic Society celebrates its 60th birthday this year. The Annual Meeting will be hosted in Montréal this year and we submitted an abstract on our Goal Characteristics (GC) questionnaire. We would be happy to join the celebration and proudly introduce our work!

Gabriela Iwama Maria Wirzberger Falk Lieder

Anastasia Lado joined our lab

  • 10 May 2019

Welcome, Anastasia!

Anastasia has joined our group as a Student Assistent and is supporting the research on Executive functions Training.

Anastasia Lado

Lab's first RLDM submissions

  • 02 March 2019

The lab has submitted three wonderful abstracts to this year's 4th Multidisciplinary Conference on Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making at the McGill University in Montréal. They introduce research around our intelligent cognitive tutor and cover aspects of overcoming present bias, inspecting cognitive decline, and a process-related approach to trace the evolution of planning skills. We keep our fingers crossed!

Falk Lieder Yash Raj Jain

Lab's first CogSci submissions

  • 02 February 2019

We have submitted a great set of papers to this year's 41st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci) in Montreal. A historic moment for the lab! We will continue this proud tradition in the years to come.

Falk Lieder Maria Wirzberger Florian Mohnert Yash Raj Jain Lin Xu

Gabriela Iwama joined our lab

  • 01 February 2019

Gabriela Iwama has joined our lab for an internship on the development of psychometric measures of cognitive growth. She is currently working towards her bachelor degree in Psychology at the University of Brasília. Welcome Gabriela!

Gabriela Iwama

Mateo Tosic joined our lab

  • 28 January 2019

Mateo Tosic has joined our lab as student assistant focusing on software and web development. He is a bachelor student of Computational Linguistics at the University of Tübingen. Welcome Mateo!

Mateo Tosic

Successful Ph.D. thesis defence

  • 22 January 2019

Our postdoc Maria Wirzberger successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis at the TU Chemnitz. We are proud of her outstanding result of summa cum laude! Well done, Maria! You did a great job!

Maria Wirzberger

Article in Behavioral and Brain Sciences accepted

  • 19 January 2019

Behavioral and Brain Sciences has accepted our target article “Resource-rational analysis: understanding human cognition as the optimal use of limited computational resources”. According to the editor we have set a new record with our 53 page long response to the reviewers!

Falk Lieder